Sea trout, Höga Kusten
Paket info:

When: 2024 1st - 15th October or on request.

Group: 1-5 persons

Length of guide tour: 8 hours

Outfit: Clothes after whether conditions. Fishing gear and Life jacket is provided

Swedish fika include.

Optional food: the customer´s choice at Muurikka (not included in the price).

Price: Full day from boat 5 900 kr.

Hang out with a guide during a thrilling fishing experience in Höga Kustens magnificent Archipelago. The Rocks vanish straight into the water and large see Trout lurk just under the water surface. This destination offers great oppertunity for big sea trout. 

Tip for great Accommodation!

Skulebergets camping is situated right by the seaside. They offer cabins, camping sites and a restaurant. Take a look at their offer below. ↓

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