Fishing with responsibility

Our philosophy is the symbiosis between human and fish. From a purchase of guided fishing in either the West coast or Nolån, we are giving a contribution straight away towards fish conservation. In the guided tours we talk about our different types of water and what work we do to keep them as healthy habitats for the fish and other life.

When it comes to trout, their lives start in streams where they reproduce and grow up. Many of these streams are affected by walking barriers, destroyed play and growth areas, dried up streams and increased co2 emissions which is a effekt of ditched wetlands. The company contributes with money from guidnings to improving and rectify the affected areas, with the objective to get fish populations stronger, minimize co2 emissions and favor the biologic diversity. 

Fishing with responsibility also means that the company advocates that fishing rules and quotas are being followed, as well as using a common sense and thinking about sustainability while fishing. This is a long term management for our fish populations.